Poland is a country rich in nature. One of them is our Polish apple. The existing processing methods and technologies involved in production are mainly juicing and jams, and the production of traditional dried fruit.
We're a company with extensive experience in the production of dryers and consulting in the field of drying technology. Together with the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, Poland, we have developed a comprehensive technology for the production of healthy, low processed, and most importantly innovative apple-based snack enriched with sesame and poppy seeds. This is an ideal alternative to traditional snacks and perfect solution for companies looking for innovations i n the field of superfoods category. Contact us to learn more!

We build dryers, drying lines and all types of installations such as heating sets etc. Using the innovative solutions we implement new technologies of high energy efficiency, constantly improving the efficiency production. Our energy devices can operate using thermal energy from biomass combustion and energy recovered from residential or commercial waste. We specialize particularly in the construction of dryers where energy is supplied as heat from combustion of waste products as it often is an economically viable source of energy.

We offer custom and flexible approach to the requirements and needs of each client. Our customers have the opportunity to participate in the design process of the device. This model of customer service leads to the formation of unique and often pioneering solutions unusual in a national and international scale. We are open to any suggestions of our customers and we always make effort to meet their expectations.

Our company develops dynamically in the area of automation equipment, using innovative solutions. Our installations are equipped with modern automation systems from companies such as Siemens, Schneider, Telemequanice, and Omron allowing precise control of the device. The control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen. The drying process is monitored with an electronic performance indicator. Our very own software system allows a wide range parameter settings at every stage of the process.