The Chamber Toaster OK is designed for toasting food products and other industrial products that require heat treatment at temperatures from 160 º C to 240 ° C.

From inside the heated air is circulated through the chamber’s diffuser fans. The air is in a constant motion which enables an even toasting and browning of the product. Excess steam generated during the process is carried away by the expansion valve.

The walls of the device are made of dual panels with mineral wool silicate and the inner wall of the chamber is made of acid-proof steel. The body frame includes turntables for carts for insertion of the material.

Automation is based in a Siemens or Schneider drivers.

The process can be monitored using temperature measurement devices that control the supply air and exhaust air temperature.

Technical parameters
  • Maximum power output 200 kW
  • Depending on the capacity of installed heating power and the kind of material to be processed we offer a large selection of chamber toasters.
  • Each device is tailored to individual needs of our clients.