Our trays and sieves are used in dryers, bakeries, meat, pharmaceutical and chemical plants. Trays and sieves are made in order with individually selected shape, pattern of perforation/mesh, dimensions and type of material. Our design department will help you choose the perforation/mesh, the height of the sides and the thickness of the sheet depending on the material to be dried, taking into account its density, viscosity, thickness of the layer being laid and the way of working with trays. The additional use of silicone mats or PTFE nets will keep the trays clean and will reduce the adhesion of the raw material.

PRICE: from PLN 50 (depending on size)

Heating tray with a labyrinth system in a tightly welded heating surface. These trays are used in drying racks and in vacuum dryers. Their advantage is the direct contact of the material with the hot surface, without the intermediation of exchangers, which are trays located on the heating levels, thus avoiding heating losses on the trays. Due to its monolithic and tight arrangement, it is easy to keep clean (High Sanitary Standard). Directly installed Pt100 temperature sensor.

Parametry techniczne
  • Sheet thickness 1-2.5 [mm]. As standard, in the 700×700 tray [mm], the thickness of the top sheet is 1 [mm] and the bottom sheet is 0.8 [mm]
  • ΔT – maximum 10°C on 92% of the surface
  • For quick water connection, quick couplings enabling efficient and quick removal and inserting the tray into the dryer can be used
  • The weight of the tray is about 8kg per 0.5m2
  • The height of the sides from 18 to 120mm