The Heater EN is designed to supply heat to the dryers, toasters and roasters. It is also well-suited for heating air in enclosed premises.

Thermal energy in the heater is produced by combustion of fuel or electricity supply. Inside the heater is a heat exchanger which heats the air to a temperature of max. of 200C.

The heated air is being blown out of the heater by a fan. The device operates on a membrane therefore the heated air has no contact with the exhaust gases. The exhaust gases are discharged outside.

The housing of the heater is made of ceramic and mineral wool composite resistant to high temperatures Operation of the device is monitored by measuring the supply air temperature and the temperature of exhaust air.

Our heaters can be fueled with:

  • gas;
  • oil;
  • gas-oil mixture;
  • electricity;
  • biomass.
Technical parameters
  • Depending on the installed capacity and the type of heating fuel, we offer you a large selection of heaters.
  • Each heater is tailored to individual needs of our clients.